October 28, 2021
Do it or Get REKT

In this episode Pet & Ozzy discuss: - Brands doing NFTs well - The Stimaes resurgence - Z Huge - Photoshop verifying NFTs - Reddit building an NFT platform - Mastercard x Crypto - Gamestop hiring Web3 Devs - Opensea does 2.3bn volume in October

In this episode Pet & Ozzy discuss: - Brands doing NFTs well - The Stimaes resurgence - Z Huge - Photoshop verifying NFTs - Reddit building an NFT platform - Mastercard x Crypto - Gamestop hiring Web3 Devs - Opensea does 2.3bn volume in October (so far) - Turning 8k into 5.3bn with $SHIB...best trade OAT? - Shill corner: Kiwi Fruit & Tom Hirst - Season 1 of SHINY overview by Ozzy

Petrit Berisha 0:38
Hello, and welcome back to three. I think I was looking at the stats yesterday. Obviously, we've got about 100 people of sub to the RSS feed. And some of the apps like the first episodes have gotten about $250 between them. So some of the people have been listening twice, which is amazing.

Ozzy 0:57
Love to see it, especially for private podcast. It's great to start things off for the shiny crew. And then yeah, love the people enjoying it.

Petrit Berisha 1:09
Top numbers, top numbers, how are you doing? You sound a little bit rough mate.

Ozzy 1:13
Yet somehow you managed to pass me your illness from last week through the internet to me. But yeah, it's destroyed. Kids have been wiped for about five days now. So yeah, not sounding my best. Hopefully we can survive a pod.

Petrit Berisha 1:31
Little little hungover. I was at the alchemist last night in Old Street, which had some shiny peeps there actually. It was a Cambridge distillery and ALCHEMIST event and that they threw only like 4050 people to launch their NF T's which got today. And a guy I knew who works at Cambridge Center. He was like, Pat, I've got no fucking clue what I was doing, like literally from the ground zero who's like, Pat, what do I do? I was like, they'd do this, do this. Don't do that. They do this. And then when he showed like, literally three months later, he comes to me, it's like, oh, what do you think shows me the art. And he's like, within the span. I was like, sick is actually quite nice. And he was like, would you send it to people and get people to come? And I was like, Yeah, normally when people ask me this kind of stuff, I'm like, No, cuz it looks share or like, I'm not gonna show something I don't like but when I put it in all my older groups I'm in everyone's at all this actually looks pretty sick. Like, you know, we would love to come and there was like free pre Gen drinks all night. I had like this weird dry ice. Like fuckin ginger beer gin drink. It was weird. Like literally free drinks and free food all night. And yeah, it was great. It was really good. So to the shiny people that came awesome.

Ozzy 2:39
Sounds fancy me? Yeah, you show me the art. They look, they look incredible. I love when people do events. They have good art and they display them properly. You see so many examples recently of people holding like NFC exhibitions, and all the screens are the wrong sizes. And they're like cropped horribly. So what are you doing? You're showing a showing a million dollar NF T in a, in a miss sized 300 pound frame or digital frames? What are you doing? So much?

Yeah, I'd like a Blackberry. So it's nice. And actually, people throw events and actually make an effort to get the framing, right, because I think it's really important. So yeah, they look great. Looking forward to hopefully being able to grab some today. The only bad thing is it's on Polygon. For those looking to get one

might not yet.

Petrit Berisha 3:36
Which was my feedback. I was like, I know you want it to be like cheaper, blah, blah. But next time do it anyway.

The reason why I kind of brought it up not to kind of show the event again was like, it was the first time I've seen brands do an NF T well since like the Twitter drop. And so I like I don't know, like, in my day job, I speak to like loads of loads of really, really big brands, because we partner with them through copper for their like football partnerships, and sponsorships and activations. And without naming specific names are used Domino's and example who aren't the clients Capo so I'm not like fucking anyone over. But imagine if Domino's were like, we're gonna do NF T's and they're gonna just be digital pizza boxes, and we're gonna sell them for two or $50 Each, like, who would fucking buy them, right? And that's the equivalent of some of these brands. And they've come to us being like, here's our team of five of them working on this. And it's like, you know, here's, here's, here's the $250 pizza box. And then it's like, oh, actually, well, for $5,000 You can buy the pizza box with a footballer designed on it. And I'm like, This is what I was like, it doesn't have to be a Domino's books like it can like work with an artist do something abstract, like be out there. Don't be so safe. And it's just like I think a lot of big brands are super scared of doing like something really out there and I think it's going to actually fight them over rather than if they're actually a bit more brave. They could do something pretty cool.

Ozzy 5:00
Yeah, I think the in house artists or design teams working on big brand stuff they usually restricted by things like brand guidelines and my use to kind of working like outside of that scope. So you see, just see a traditional, really safe expected artwork just being rolled up into an NFT. And I think that's the reason why so many of these like celeb corporate plays feel like I feel like cash grabs just because they seem low.

But yeah, I think they'll change over time because they'll know that a lot of them don't get any traction. So there's been so many good examples of SNAP drops, just completely bombing. Or even if they do sell on like primary and motor sell someone's like no secondary market for them. So I think they're wise up pretty quickly. And it's good to see so many, like OG or a recent OG NF T people like guiding people through everything then end up getting a better result because like you said, you can just give them the yes do this don't do that sort of thing, which helps them like not make the obvious obvious mistakes. Yeah, and if they ask you for help, like at the ground floor, it's that old adage of changing the trajectory of flight right at the start of the flight changes it massively rather than at the end. It's like our shit like you can tweak the color or whatever and that's it. And bananas fact that no one's gonna buy anyway. So you're like, yeah, what can you do? And the other thing is like brands looking to make loads of money out of this just not gonna make it straight away. Like, if that's their intention, not gonna make it not gonna make it.

Petrit Berisha 6:37
Read anyway, should we talk about the stem resurgence?

Ozzy 6:41
Yeah, the stem Resurgence is never in doubt. Really, it was never in doubt. It was never ever it though.

Never not. Mother don't well, they're done with the original collection was great. Obviously, we talked about on the pub before. Finally, seeing as our mom Pat, amongst another immensely talented model, I think is here and in shiny and also taken over the stims discord has managed to sort out as much as saw the community. So other discord inspire people as to cemaes and what they're doing, maybe wrangle the team a bit and work their heads together and make sure they're doing stuff properly. A obviously released a roadmap as to what's coming next, which made people more interested in maybe holding the stem as pieces rather than flipping them. And obviously done some cool stuff, like going to check out the print shopping in the high res versions of everyone's stem. So everyone's kind of pumped about that. Get them printed out, get on people's walls, go digital and ship as well. So yeah, we like the stem still. We still like the stem, so you get to print one out.

Yeah, I think it might print out one or two, still got nine.

Petrit Berisha 7:58
what's your what's your advice to people that have more than more than one? Like as yourself? Like, what's your what's your plan, you have like a top. Okay, if it hits like five a floor, I've got that like to go? Or whatever?

Ozzy 8:10
Yeah, I think if you

ain't always buy multiple of something you like, if you can, I think obviously chat about that before as well. Because then that gives you the, the flexibility that if it does, as well as you think it's going to do, you can then take some profit out of like, your know, your your insight into into your decision. So let's say Okay, I think it's pretty much gonna do well, if you just buy one, yeah, it's done well, and it's appreciated and price, we can never sell it because you like it. And then if you sell it, you're then out of the project of any future perks, etc. And that's the only way to kind of benefit from the appreciation. Whereas if you buy two 310, or whatever it is, you could then

keep your favorite ones and then sell,

sell the others on the way up or down depending on how you time it to actually realize some profit and then the benefit of your decision or insight into that. And I think if you are buying multiple holding your favorites and selling and to take profits, then you're always better doing it on the way up than the way down because as soon as the project sales are trending down, then everyone's gonna want to cut you. Whereas when the floor is going up when the printer is getting interest, and you're selling people that D listing rather than rather than wanting to undercut you, so yeah, especially if they've got like a couple and they want to hold one and maybe sell one at the top. You want to be the person who's selling it on the way up. So take some profit up. Yeah.

Petrit Berisha 9:50
Don't do a patent by one stem. Like pitch running and it's

running in between meetings. I remember it so vividly. I bought one and

Then someone came up to me like Pat Jeff a minute. I was like, Yeah, sure. And then came back and it was like an ethos factor.

Ozzy 10:07
Yeah. Routine on the school run.

Petrit Berisha 10:12
Yeah, so far so far. So we're in the money. Basically, story of that is wherever the fuck you are, if you see a good opportunity by like ignore your kid


Ozzy 10:24
100% Not parenting advice

Petrit Berisha 10:27
NPA. And let's talk a little bit about Zed huge. So there was another art project, you know, generative art project that got I didn't realize like how mutually close I was to this person. But turns out it's the identity. If he's been, he will know who he is. He's the I'm presuming he does. He's the co founder of fronted, they're like a deposit company, for renters in the UK, like a FinTech, their co founder, is a friend of mine time events cleaner, who's like been in the kind of blockchain space since

2011, or whatever big tech, he was one of the first engineers at Monza. He was like, Oh, my co founder started this like the other day, check it out. Like this is my one. And also what, like COVID was the guy who started it, but like, I wanted to bring up just because

people hear the cachet of like a big name doing all it seems to be that, that doesn't even need to be any marketing. It's like it lives and dies on name. And like, even if the arts shit, you're like, Well, he did. Actually, he

probably knows what he's doing.

Ozzy 11:33
Yeah, I think that's also a lot more of a safer bet. As well, in terms of if you're looking to invest in something, if you are backing Okay, a real life known popular artists who's made a career out of either being an artist or just like this, whatever it is, then over like a long enough time horizon, you're going to do it to do much better than a gambling on a non team could be from Russia, pretending to be women that we've seen before. So I think this is actually where people like a good example of this is someone like Pablo Stanley, who created robot O's. He is obviously a fantastic artist is done great with them, but through the initial ments got absolutely destroyed by bots, who took pretty much well on the entire month, but enough to ruin it for a couple of months. But long term, everyone knows Pablo Stanley is fully committed to it. And then you've got that, that figurehead leading the project. So when somebody like an apple Designer comes along and does a drop without kind of any hype, without any like build up without any, like overworked whitelisting, off chain white listing mechanics, which then just get really messy. There are a raffle. Let's use maca, as example, which now Brecht almost below one a Florida in the eye yet but yeah,

Petrit Berisha 13:05
things like Zed huge, are the one. You're looking to spot something interesting and good. Putting money into I think, definitely I think the credentials of the designer are super important. And sometimes Yeah, you don't need the marketing, you don't need some crazy raffle, you don't need whatever, it can just work really, really well.

Let's talk a little bit about Photoshop, adding an NFT option called Content credentials. So one of the things that I've thought about recently, especially in NFT, illustrations and artwork is that the entire workflow for an artist, it isn't verifiable at each stage, right. So like, currently, we have an artist putting up something on open sea and open sea verifies that they're legit. And then when you buy it, it goes into your wallet, and it's yours. And you can verify that it's yours because you have the the password to that wallet, and you have the keys that will etc. But in actual the creation side, it's very difficult, I suppose to verify that this has been made by a specific program, or a specific person or a group or how it's been made. And I think this is really interesting.

Ozzy 14:17
Yeah, this is kind of a, a big, big step forward because part of the whole like anti NFT. I don't know narrative, the people who

make it but actually don't put the effort into understanding NF T's or do understand and just think they're dumb, is the whole right click save, and I've got it sort of thing. So having a punk is your profile picture and somebody saves it onto their computer, then they think they've got it but actually having that digital ownership stamped into the image or like whatever it is, wherever the NFT format file format is,

Unknown Speaker 14:56

Ozzy 14:57
because of that, that digital provenance

that ownership that you can always tie that image back to the person who, who created it. So for somebody, for a company of that size to actually go in and add this to platform, I think it's just just incredible for the space and huge.

Ward's like validation. And can I expect that other other platforms follow suit as well?

Petrit Berisha 15:22
Yeah, I think this is just, like big company big brand off the big brand. Short, like showing their cards to some extent and showing their hand and saying, We believe that this thing is legit. Like, I think was it the first episode, we talked about stripe or was it last episode, and I think a lot of people outside of finance don't really understand how big like Stripe are.

Or, you know, outside of E commerce or someone who had it, who would have a touch point with stripe. But now suddenly, it's like, every artist or illustrator who uses Photoshop, or an Adobe program is suddenly like, oh, shit, like something might be here. And if you've never made an NFT, before, as a designer, this my kind of pushed me to it or propel you to it. And suddenly, you can see Adobe linking up with how to make NFT courses, doing partnerships with open sea, whatever, and this opens a whole new gateway for them.

Ozzy 16:14
A just thinking of people who either copy projects or steal artwork, now gives platforms the opportunity to immediately link back to that piece of metadata. So when somebody uploads it, you can almost immediately block a stolen piece of digital art or a video or a GIF, whatever it is, just instead of it being loaded in the first place. So one of the things that happens with new projects on open sea right now is as soon as a new collection goes up, the whole collection just gets copied and re uploaded under the same name, changing a letter adding space or adding a dash hoping to scam some people into actually buying the fake collection in place of the real collection before opensea have a chance to verify the official one. So I think having that piece of metadata attached at the at the artwork level, just an example.

You can kind of head that off at the past because it'd be really tricky for people to to upload it if they get it right.

Petrit Berisha 17:23
Yeah, I totally agree. Like the whole, it's about verifying art, but it's also protecting the Creator, which I think is super important because if we think about NF T's as being fan first creator first community first, then we do also need some parameters and, and safety nets for them. So So yeah, let's see where that goes. And I think they're not going to be the first and are not going to be the last to do this. So I'm sure we're going to be talking about x and y and figma and whoever else in the future, doing stuff like this. Let's talk a little bit about industry news. So Reddit launch

mascot allowing crypto Fiat merchants GameStop. Hiring

crypto and NFC platform engineers. Like it's it's just everywhere. Now as he put like, I suppose that start with Reddit first, you're talking about like the OG place to house communities like I know Alexis Ohanian a big fan of

Chinese talk to you a bit. But like, this is a pretty big deal. And I think was swept under the rug a little bit.

Ozzy 18:28
Yeah, so Alex is a huge NFT fan. He's obviously

the goat of individual when it comes to digital media platforms anyway. He's

in a bunch of love with islands with Tiffany, who are making big like web three push on their platform. So

Reddit as the front page of the internet between NFT platform with the traffic they get, and they can just bake in like native factuality is mad, massive. Also, they've got the Reddit coins and the rap like they understand a reputation between subreddits or reputation tied to a pseudo identity as well. So as I could just the general web three crypto play, I think ready to have like a really big opportunity to nail it. Especially with

with it being

some of the most epic memes come up, just being able to mint that potentially as an NFT initially straight on a subreddit and have that NFT potentially be indexed across multiple marketplaces, then how they're going to be be approaching it. But for me, that's absolutely insane. If they could take a fee of

those like, open seat

then all these GME sheep pumped boys in some of these subreddits you just nail out memes all day they're gonna be

Even even bigger multimillionaires and they currently are.

Petrit Berisha 20:06
Where did those will go to? After the euphoria and the pumping and dumping of all those like Penny Stocks finished? They went to crypto, right? So it is the right audience. And if you think about like, I don't know if anyone's ever been to that Reddit community called Fire, it's like financial independence retire early. Like all those people that like looking to get on the first trend, save money, like build wealth, that kind of stuff. It there's so many synergies with like crypto crowd, the early 80s in the crypto space and just like people in crypto generally. So I think it just is a is a match made in heaven.

What about MasterCard? Another big one, I guess, following visa? If visa do something MasterCard have to follow? They've got no choice, right? Also stripe. So I guess they were under pressure, I suppose.

Ozzy 20:56
Yeah, I think this is a case of either

either do it or just get wrecked. I think over time, you either do the see the death by 1000 cuts if you don't move fast enough, because you're also you're not in a race to do to actually do the thing. So you can actually announce you're going to do it. But you're also like in a race for talent, there's going to be a huge, a huge movement of engineers away from traditional, like financial companies, from banks, from VC firms from investment companies from hedge funds from from Wall Street, wherever it is into into crypto into web three, we're seeing it more and more every day, just because of one like The upside to the amount of money that crypto protocols can pay. So not only do they have to kind of announce that they're going to do it in the future, they have to announce early

just so they can attract the talent they need to actually build the thing before it all leaves and realizes that Trad fi companies are not going to make

Petrit Berisha 22:03
Oh, no, no, no, he's gone. Shit, I'm gonna have to entertain the audience of my own.

I mean, just to follow on, as he would say. And I really do agree in terms of the talent side of things. And like talent is super, super important. And I think whoever is early enough, and whoever is good enough, in this space, from a talent perspective, is going to make it. So I genuinely do think that that is like a big, big point. a selling point for a lot of these companies is attracting talent. I think I saw Jess from the seed club tweet something really interesting the other day, I don't know if you saw it was it was kind of like, this is like the greatest rush for talent in the history of like human humankind, like, whatever 1000 communities attract the right talent from like, engineer standpoint, from a community management from a marketing from a content standpoint, they're gonna make it and the rest will fall behind. Like right now, it's not necessarily a zero sum game, but the race is 100% on to get the right talent, whether you're a big org or a community so that you do make it in the future.

Ozzy 23:12
Yeah, and the if you're a big incumbent like a MasterCard, or maybe not so stripe, obviously because they're pretty hot on it, I think they've got much more of a chance than MasterCard or Visa to attract.

attract those 100x engineers, because if they're if you're a Dhow with like a billion $2 billion

endowment fund or fund which you can use to, to attract people into and just say, Okay, you can work anywhere in the world, we're gonna pay you as much money as you want, you give you a huge chunk of our governance token, which of your do a good job, and that's worth a huge multiple of your salary

until the end of time, like far, far exceeds even the amount of like, an IPO or whatever that is. So I think it's an extremely attractive opportunity for for engineers in particular, I think it's going to be really tough fight for heads of recruitment or heads of talent within that trade fight companies looking to get moving to crypto.

Petrit Berisha 24:16
Yeah, for sure. I think it Yeah, it's, it's just that agility, start a sense that point of things as well. Like, it's just so much quicker when you're a community or a non big org.

Yeah, I just think there is something there. But let's talk a little bit about GameStop. Before we move on, this is a story you wanted to bring up. Why did it interest you?

Ozzy 24:40
So Gamestop was obviously

one of the memes is in the news for

like a month or two months or however long it was. They crushed the number of

short sellers on their stock arrived from or derived from from Reddit.

Wall Street bats

ended up pumping and Gamestop Gamestop stock up so much that they ended up with a boatload of cash. And what they're doing with that cash is avoiding an NFT platform. And the job recruiting board is full of oppose for engineers. So we're looking at one now Senior Software Engineer, remote

Product Marketing Software Engineer for the marketing head of web through gaming, where through gaming promotion platform, suddenly I don't know what they're building or how it's gonna work, but you just know that deploying a whole load of cash is

given at GameStop or off the back of a bunch of meme Lambo boys from GameStop Wall Street from Wall Street bats on Reddit. Love to see it. You love to see it. I mean, it's it's just so funny the story like Imagine.

Petrit Berisha 25:59
Imagine in 25 years if they pull it off and create like a NFT gaming marketplace and then you're teaching this in like an economics like seminar in like 30 years or whatever. And you're like, oh, this company was about to go bankrupt. And then a random community on Reddit decided to pump its stock against hedge funds shorts because they thought it was over over shorted the company ended up making a ton of money and then they created like a generation defining like NFT platform will be fucking hilarious. So I mean, I don't know if they will make it but I hope they do. Just because it just for the banner Tunis like it would be it'll be quite something.

Ozzy 26:40
Well, maybe if the if Wushi bets subreddit decide they're gonna make it.

So that is true. However, it is the power of meme. It's the power of community, if anything.

Seeing this, this case study taught in what's going to be left of Harvard online.

gets wrecked.

Over the next decade. Yeah, it's fun to watch.

Petrit Berisha 27:07
Brilliant. Next for you a big, big big boy stat. Open see as already done.

$2,384,776,311 in NFT volume for the month of October. You heard that right. $2.3 billion in volume, which equals around 573,000 eath which is only again, all about 300 to 500,000. Wallets. Like a lot of those are a repeat wallets as well from like big whales who don't want to have all their NF T's in one in one specific wallet. Obviously, they have like they might have multiple.

I mean, like a lot of people saying Open see haven't like double down on their first mover advantage. But they certainly still are killing the game.

Ozzy 27:55
Yeah, there's a giant

first mover advantage, you have like 98% of all NFT volume. At some point, the that stat is just absolutely mind blowing. Considering the way we're six months ago seems to just be going parabolic smothers stat as well, he said, the most active are some of the

sort of certain percentile, the most active moderates are trading over $6,000 A day in fts. And it was just like a really, really small proportion of the most active wallets. So if you multiply that figure up that the there just is more

of a bigger percentage of more active wallets trading high volume every single day all day, then you can you can easily see that there's a huge chunk of people using eath for example,

a level that they use way more regularly than they use cash. So for somebody who's buying and selling on open sea, they'll probably use eath like the next morning these the pounds in their own account, which is mad.

Petrit Berisha 29:06
Yeah, and I think there's also it just feels a bit more frivolous when you're using eath. Right. Like we talked about this a lot. Like I think someone mentioned it at the event yesterday. It's like oh, yeah, like $500 Sounds like a lot for that like, you know, unique like the one of one artwork that the alchemist was selling and I was like that's like, you know, like zero point or whatever to TV or whatever. Like that's not that much. And I think that is another thing that like normies and big brands need to get their head around is like if you crack it people are willing to spend money on it. It's just like the way you do things the way you pitch things the way you you position everything matters and I think like with open see, they are like slow as fuck at the moment and like there's loads of projects not getting verified and

lots of annoying bits of UI lots of glitchy like the UI hasn't improved at all basically over the last like three months but

I guess like, they they must be doing something right in the background. But who knows? I don't know, like a lot of people speculating that they'll drop a token. Let's see. Let's see. Yeah, I think for them it was just

Ozzy 30:14
they just had to make the platform stable. I think they're pretty still doing exactly that. Just making sure the site stays up so people can spend money in probably a UI improvements probably is coming further down the list. But hopefully they do it in time. I'm sure that the unbundling will open. See what happened. Obviously, seeing a lot of big sales go through on things like super rare.

Connor watching watching this now said Zoras, the underdog play? Take? Yeah, no fees, which is really interesting. So yeah, there's gonna be more and more NFT platforms in the show that 90% market market share will get chipped away out over time. But the overall, the overall amount of volume coming into entities will keep increasing. So

Petrit Berisha 30:57
that'd be that'd be still increasing the amount of revenue the beginning? Yeah, I think the other thing is like, I'm presuming everyone who listens use Amazon from time to time, right? Unless you live in like the middle of fucking nowhere.

Which has the mic.

Exactly. There we go. That was great. But anyway, if you actually go through the UI, and Amazon is fucking awful, right. And I think there might be something to what you said there about, like the MVP, as long as it does what it needs to do. It volume is the winner, right? Like your your goal is to improve volume, not necessarily improve experience. And as long as the click when you have a marketplace, it's not necessarily like how you sell things. It's what you're selling. And I think considering rOpenSci have everything there. They are probably going to make it but it might be a bit slower, and they might not be first, right? Like they might get overtaken by Coinbase. Or another challenge as you mentioned. So let's see.

Ozzy 31:55
I agree I think the thing opens is great thing having

get into buying and trading smoothness teas on Solana, who are obviously everyone's

to build their NFT marketplaces, this is all really fragmented, and there's a fight for market share at the moment, you go to NFT they'll go out to open sea sorry, you know, this is a dream. I know everything is a

collection like she'll, like it's the scams going on. You'll be careful what you're buying and yeah, like this bit of improved, but like on the whole, like MC is legit for the amount of volume that it's doing. They've done it done a great job, but she just keeping it up is for the amount of time that they have considering the amount of volume going through it and I prefer using it so yeah, kudos to the preceding

Petrit Berisha 32:46
kudos weapons.

Let's talk about ship and potentially the best trade of all time, right? So there's a wallet, that is that bought ship $8,000 worth of it. And it's now worth $5.3 billion. And this is an active wallet like me and Ozzy were talking about it earlier. We were like, This is a legit like as in his last transaction was an hour ago. So he's like, active as they come and he's just sitting on $5.3 billion worth of shares. And a lot of the comments were like, good luck, like liquidating that and it's like, even if, like 10% of that. He is Yeah. 1%

or even 1% He's laughing

Ozzy 33:33
Yeah, so there's comment since so one huge kudos to the Giga Chad or Chad s whoever that wallet belongs to. I mean, fucking hell 5000 $600 million. Thanks we come in in a year. What else legend and the fact that the wallet isn't lost and is active like an hour ago. I just kind of try and put my myself in the position of the person opening that wallet up when they really been watching it over the last few days or they're just logging into it for the first time to do

I mean I'll see a real and yeah to your point another comments on Twitter's there yeah. Good luck liquidating yet. Obviously. You want to be able to sell that much out?

Oh, hold on. I might take out like 5 million today. Like yeah, okay, that's that's fine. Obviously. Huge volume going Chiba it's a top 10 to top 10 on coin market cap. Even just making decision to just like cash out 5 million quid. I'm sure I'm sure they're gonna be fine.

Petrit Berisha 34:38
I'm sure he or she is gonna be like very, very, very, very fine.

Is just like fucking mad. Like, what would you actually do in that position? Like I don't, I don't even know what I do with myself. Like, it baited like 10% of it. You're sitting one upset,


Ozzy 34:59
Love it. You

We'd love to see it it's gonna piss off 70 people which is great.

Petrit Berisha 35:04
Right last but not least show corner we actually don't have any projects to show today because we kind of did that with the stem resurgence and said huge upfront. We're showing people today apparently so

Ozzy 35:15
we're shooting people. First person we want to shell see within shine is Kiwi kiwi fruit. Blair who has been nailing the visuals for the pot.

Petrit Berisha 35:29
Those two kiwi and Pat for nailing this and getting this pod up and going. Shout out to both of you. Kiwis visuals, you can check them out on the shiny object. Twitter has been a thread of the last one. We've added some visuals into the season one announcement as well. And hopefully enjoy doing them. They could be a regular thing. Yeah, shout out to the super talented kiwi fruit for Alexander podcast really appreciate it. Yeah, he's super good. Like I love his, like project management, educational abilities as well as the art. It's like such a rare like mix because most designers or annotator like you know people who do stuff like that, that I've worked with are just like all over the shop and he is just the absolute opposite, which is sick.

Also shout out to CF for doing the shiny, podcast design and also the social car design, which we'll start using this week, which hopefully will look pretty cool. And then the next person we're sharing is Tom Hurst Tom

Ozzy 36:37
is also on a backup the shout out to CF so as somebody with almost as close to zero design chops in the crate, as one individual can get massive appreciation for CF and people like Blair and Q for, for doing what they can do is remarkable. So just taking an idea or concept

or a thought and then translate it into a brand is just incredible. So expect to see that they're coming to life within the shiny brand and that'll be coming out publicly over the next few weeks, days. Months. Which as you come for. But yeah, shout out to Tom Hurst. Also, Tom fellow for Yorkshire, your dweller. There's a few of us up here now, which is great. He sat down to write a bit of a post. I think it started off as a blog post for his dad to be able to understand what NF T's are. And obviously being the chat

ended up 15,000 words long, almost half a book. And yeah, it's one of the best things I've read, which takes you from from start to finish understanding of everything to do with NF T's and identities. Be a really valuable post can give it to anybody if they if they can read and then hopefully, they'll be able to understand what NF T's are and the different types, etc can take you through everything from generative projects the tax. So yeah, the whole journey. Shout to him.

Petrit Berisha 38:11
Yeah, definitely have a look. Super smart guy. I've spoken to him a few times in DMS about courses and stuff. Tax I've just messaged in the chat in the live recording. I've just realized that the chat and I saw there's like 27 messages. CF row. I barely had enough change 70 P in cash for for parking yesterday, but spent $100 In insole also that same day, which is just like crypto NFC communities wrapped up into one which people Oh, she want to talk about before we go talk a little bit about Chinese he's one be announced on Twitter and in the community would love for you to finish this episode off with a few words on that. Sure thing. So shining season one.

Ozzy 38:57
The idea of seasons came about through other communities in this space when they kind of bundle up a period of time to just focus on a number of core things in the community to give it a bit of direction obviously is good to find entropy because a lot of communities just kind of Bumble on through and then if I have the constant fight of trying to keep people engaged on like constant, monotonous treadmill of being in a community so season one is going to be focused on building out the foundation

shiny and it's to be focused on like few things. So number one is going to be the brand

which obviously CF is taken under his wing which is great. So yeah, we looking at getting out into the world shortly. second bit is running out the front and back end of shiny so it's now it's pretty much

discord server. There's some bells and whistles on but there's so much kids

in discord all the time.

So once you actually start building out the site, the web app, like good stuff, the 3d world, which Gil has been working on the, what that's gonna mean is is going to be an always on source of content, which is going to contain things like the best links, there's going to be guides, there's going to be tutorials, and the news be like the newsletter, will they get stuff but stored in one place and also gate for members or non members, depending on whatever content is

the front end, what you can see, the back end will be some sort of

structured database where people can

add info into it, you can bookmark messages, or links in discord, possibly through a Chrome extension, and then push that back into the overall hive mind information, which then goes into various places.

All that good stuff. The next one is the shiny token. So AirDrop the token out to early users, which was amazing to see that out in the world. And we're going to work on integrating that into everything from the community, to memberships, to liquidity pools to exchanges, the Dexter's like good stuff. So people are able to obtain shiny for computing bounties or whatever it may be. So looking forward to integrating that. And I think that is pretty much in the main focuses.

Final one is content. So we started doing the podcast,

which is private for now but want to still work on things, some more content for and out into the public. So thinking

newsletter newsletters covering all the concept of legalities and defying crypto and no code, all that good stuff thinking

a premium version for members and like a public version

to encourage people to want to join,

tie that back into the overall front end.

And yeah, just small content ideas for no one's interested in helping produce some content, we can attach them bounties, we can obviously pay for this to be done if any members are interested. So that is that's pretty much it. Lots to do, which is not much there. Not much.

Petrit Berisha 42:26
Couple of things. Couple of things, probably nothing. Yeah, no content wise, I'm looking forward to that goes like happy to help where I can. Even if we spin this out and do like a public version, or something like that, I think would be quite cool.

But like, yeah, really fascinating to see where like web three media goes. But in general, like for this community, specifically, like there are just so many sick ideas that fire around like, what this community incubates and produces, I think is just gonna be like sick to see because at the moment, obviously like lots of ideas, but the ones that get picked up and runway, but I think I'm really looking forward to seeing what they look like out in the wild.

absolutely exciting times. And we haven't also forgotten about the mag, so the shiny Max kind of slow play these but we're working on a few things to be revealed soon. So keep an eye out for them. And I'm looking forward to that. Nf T's are back NF T's are back to step one. And thank you very much everyone who's in the live audience appreciate your joining like probably the most awkward time you could have to join. Although I'm kind of liking I'm kind of digging them the morning recordings, which is quite cool. appreciate everyone writing stuff in the chat. And yeah, we're gonna think about what to do in terms of like whether we can do some proof of proof of attendance tokens or proof of consumption tokens like shit like that for the podcasts and make it a bit more web three rather than just kind of like you know, content even though that is important. We you know, we want to do things in the in the web three way. Your legends, thank you for listening and to the 100 people subs also tell other shiny members how good it is. Tell them to sub and yeah, we'll

Ozzy 44:15
Well, we'll see you next week, I guess. Oh, next week. We've got Chris Madden from floors at Ft. coming on. I forgot about that, which would be quite cool. We do. I'm pumped to get him on he's, he's been nailing it as well. He's a good example of somebody who gets like design. He gets the whole building in public. He obviously yes, web three and NF T's he's started out doing building floors, NF T on Twitter as an idea and then just just followed up in those in our community thing. And now he's doing some sort of gated access

through the app. If you've got the actual floor token in your wallet, I'm sure he's going to talk about this next week for LFC NYC coming up, so yes, he's actually crushing it.

Petrit Berisha 45:00
We'd love to see it. And yeah, look forward to speaking to him. Yeah. So what we'll do next week is we'll probably like have a list of things we want to talk about more generally like two or three things, get his opinions on it and then talk, talk very deeply for like 2030 minutes about his project, which I think will be awesome. And then yeah, if anyone has any other guests that you're gonna want to shout And let us know. I think there was a couple of shots of Jack butcher Tomic Tonkin, Tom can make that happen. And a few other people if there's anyone you want to hear, get their insights on then. Yeah, we'll be happy to try and make it happen. But anyway, thank you very much everyone for listening. Hope everyone has a great day. We all gonna make it and have a good rest of your week and a good weekend.

Ozzy 45:42
Love it. Thanks folks. Catch.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
Me in some

Unknown Speaker 45:52
some NF T's got discord scammers the

Unknown Speaker 45:58
big flex on Twitter with my PSP. The king on motherfucking Opus.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
And the NFT NFT richer checking the forest bed for my energy

Unknown Speaker 46:13
NFC NFC NFC rocks. I'm gonna make it

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